Regulated Products

Whether you are an IFA or not, we hold a portfolio of regulated products and can match you with the right IFA to ensure access to the best performing and most diverse range of investments and products on the market today. The best advice on Pensions, Insurance and Mortgages and ongoing support for both commercial and personal solutions.


You may be an IFA looking to enhance your offering to your clients and Kensington Brokerage can offer you access to some of the most innovative and 'client friendly' products around today.


Perhaps you have had a bad experience with your current providers and are looking to change your portfolio accordingly. We can provide a 'whole management' solution that ensures a streamlined service to you, reducing workload and unnecessary duplication of work.


Our regulated products & services range encompasses:


- NEST Compliant Pensions

- SIPP's

- SASS's

- SAPP's

- Commercial & Personal Mortgages

- Commercial & Personal Insurances

- Regulated Investments

- Wealth Management


In the field of regulated products and services, process and procedure is critical to ensure acceptance and full compliance. Our skilled team will assist you with the entire application process and beyond to ensure clients receive a seamless and pain-free service.

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